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Automotive Repair

Thermography in auto repair serves as an effective diagnostic tool, allowing automotive technicians to identify problems, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the proper functioning of various vehicle components. It aids in both preventive maintenance and post-repair verification, contributing to improved vehicle performance, safety, and reliability.


  • Locate incorrectly tensioned and misaligned components by identifying heat patterns that result. Proper tension and alignment extends the life of components.
  • Monitor catalytic converter to detect flow restrictions and proper operation. Differential heating patterns identify components where a restriction is occurring.
  • Detect electrical system faults, overheating wires, fuses, relays, and connectors.
  • Diagnose HVAC systems by analyzing temperature variations to identify blockages and malfunctions.
  • Locate overheating components such as brakes, locating issues like sticking calipers, and worn components.