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Aerial thermograph of roadworkers finishing asphaplt surface Aerial thermograph of commercial roof with water intrusion Aerial thermograph of apartment building with poor energy efficiency Thermograph of building ceiling with water intrusion Thermograph of automobile engine drive pulleys Thermograph of whippet breed dog Thermograph of person approaching a security watchpoint Thermograph of home with poor energy management Thermograph of a cat hiding in a carport

What is Thermography and how can it benefit your business?

Thermography provides the ability to see subtle temperature differences that are of interest when determining whether a system is operating optimally. It can be used for early detection of pending failures as well as existing problems. Systems of interest might be mechanical, electrical, solar, structural, and more.

Everything around us radiates heat. Being able to see and interpret that radiation is fundamental to the application of thermography to solve problems, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. Although thermography is not a new field, recent advances in thermographic technology have made it more widely accessible. As a result, the number of applications are added daily.

Thermography has become such an integral part of maintenance procedures that standards now require it for some types of inspections and maintenance. It is well established that thermography saves money, reduces downtime, and enhances safety. Contact us to learn more how you can put thermography to work in your organization.