Top Tips to Bag Big Hogs


Top Tips to Bag Big Hogs

When it comes to hog hunting, most hunters are familiar with how to utilize tree stands or blinds and baiting/feeding to hunt and attract wild swin

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When it comes to hog hunting, most hunters are familiar with how to utilize tree stands or blinds and baiting/feeding to hunt and attract wild swine. However, what’s not so well-known is that wild hogs can be effectively called into the area, often with spectacular results. To that end, we asked professional predator and hog hunter Byron South for some top tips to bag hogs. 

“Hogs are by nature very gregarious, vocal, and territorial,” says Byron. “These three things make them very responsive to calling. Calling hogs is an effective tool to pull hogs out of thick cover or off a neighboring property, and this can be done day or night.”

To get hogs to come to you, Byron says your best bet is to set up as close as possible and play high-quality sounds at as low a volume as you can get away with – always keeping downwind of the porkers.

“A great strategy is to move in as close as you can to thick cover you suspect holds hogs (in warmer months, this means water holes/wallows and creek bottoms) and try and draw them out using calls. Hogs noses are second to none, so always keep the wind in your favor when calling hogs.

“Hogs are smart and have good hearing, which means that to be consistently successful, you must have accurate, high-quality sounds and a playback device that is capable of reproducing these sounds. This is where the Convergent system comes in. This system uses high fidelity speakers powered by Lithium-ion batteries that put out more than twice the power of any other game call on the market.”

Again, keep the volume low to avoid spooking the swine.

“Many new hog callers play the sounds too loud. Hogs have excellent hearing so keep the volume as low as possible and your results will be better. Also, incoming hogs will often vocalize back to the call as they approach; by having the call at a lower volume, you will be able to hear them coming.

“I start with subtle, non-aggressive type sounds like simple grunts and then work up to more aggressive sounds like Convergent’s ‘Sow Hysteria,’ which is by far our most popular and productive sound. Don’t open with that type of sound; work up to it.”

Byron suggests Convergent’s boar-specific sounds for hunting solo boars, which are denoted in their app with the letter (B).

“Convergent’s ‘Boar Specific’ sounds are designed to elicit a response from lone boars looking for love or a fight, and they work great. My favorite of these is called ‘Hey Baby.’

“Often, when boars respond to these types of sounds, they will stop periodically to do ‘scent marking’ by rubbing their front feet together to activate scent glands. Be patient, and they will eventually end up on top of the call frothing at the mouth and slobbering. Very cool to watch.”

There are many calls on the market, but Byron prefers the Convergent system, especially the Bullet HP. Together with the app, the Bullet HP has helped him bring down a multitude of wild hogs.

“Not many things are more exciting than to see and hear a sounder of hogs or a large boar responding to the call,” says Byron. The outstanding features of the Convergent system combine to make for a very efficient and easy-to-use tool that produces outstanding results time and time again.”


  • Mobile app-controlled Bluetooth speaker with decoy
  • Integrated decoy and ground spike (with internal storage)
  • Rugged, loud and exceptionally clear
  • Easy to use with the Convergent Hunting Solutions Mobile Apps
  • Controlled by your phone or other mobile devices
  • No cell service required
  • Up to 300-foot range via Bluetooth
  • Integrated Li-ION rechargeable battery (never buy batteries again)
  • More than 10 hours of battery Life Per Charge
  • Play your own calling sounds
  • Play your favorite music
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Width: 4.00 inches
  • Height Open: 16.00 inches (23 inches with decoy attached)
  • Height Closed: 10.00 inches
  • Weight: 2.90 pounds
  • Item number: BHP-4000-KIT
  • MSRP: $349.95 

Where experience, innovation, and passion meet, you will find Convergent Hunting Solutions. Convergent Hunting Solution’s forward-thinking predator calls are developed from decades of hunting experience across multiple continents. The result of these efforts is a line of game calls that are superior in quality and value. From mouth-blown hand calls to smart-phone controlled calls and decoys, Convergent Hunting Solutions leads the way with experience, passion, and innovation. 100% Made in the USA.

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