The best ski bindings of 2023

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The best ski bindings of 2023

Welcome to a special Buyer’s Guide feature from FREESKIER. Here’s a cl

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Welcome to a special Buyer’s Guide feature from FREESKIER. Here’s a close-up look at the best ski bindings of the year. Click here to explore the entire 2023 FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide.

Marker Griffon 13 ID

Marker Griffon 13 ID

Weight: 1.030 g/binding

Freeriders of the world covet the Griffon 13 for its powerful retention, safe release and now an updated heelpiece for easier step-ins. Sturdy and reliable, this earth-toned Griffon is the best yet and comes standard with GripWalk compatibility and Anti-Ice rails, making it easier than ever to knock that annoying, compacted snow from your boot soles.

Tyroloa Protector Attack 13 MN best ski bindings

Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 MN

Weight: 2,860 g/binding

Tyrolia’s Protector is designed to significantly mitigate knee injuries. It allows the boot to release in a full 180-degree spectrum both laterally and vertically thanks to new heelpiece technology. This engineering upgrade brings high-grade knee protection to the freeriding masses with premium elasticity.  

best ski bindings

G3 Ion 12

Weight: 579 g/binding

The 579-gram G3 ION 12 is the heavier-weight relative of the G3 Zed and remains unchanged for this season apart from a splashy new paint job. This tech-style backcountry binding is for gram-counters that need a higher release and forward pressure when in bigger terrain, and confidence for the downhill. Also, all the screws in the G3 ION 12 use the same size PoziDrive, so you don’t need to carry extra bits in your safety kit.

best ski bindings

Look Pivot 18 GW

Weight: 1,245 g/binding

A fan-favorite perpetuated by Henrik Harlaut and other pros, the Look Pivot 18’s high DIN and elasticity mitigate pre-release when you’re pinning it while a shorter mounting point allows the ski to flex the way it was designed. This binding, one of the best ski bindings for freeriders, is GripWalk compatible for hybrid boots, and now comes in a Rasta colorway for all you chillers.

best ski bindings

Salomon Strive 14 GW

Weight: 980 g/binding

Salomon uses a new LDN toepiece that is lower to the ski for better feel and power transmission in this new offering. This alpine binding provides a hefty 45 mm of elastic travel and is lightweight, using metal only in key locations. The smooth feel gained from a lower center of gravity is ideal for all-mountain skiing around the resort with a focus on precision. 

best ski bindings

Marker Kingpin 13

Weight: 690 g/binding (with brake)

The Kingpin arrives this season with a new toepiece and rubber stopper that better aligns your boot’s tech inserts with the binding pins. Coveted by freeride-oriented backcountry skiers who prefer the reliability of an alpine-certified heel, the Kingpin reigns supreme for its ease-of-use and sturdy design.

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