Shimano Revamps SLX A Line of Fishing Rods


Shimano Revamps SLX A Line of Fishing Rods

Shimano’s SLX rods already have a great reputation in the market for tournament-level fishing gear. Now they have revamped their line of SLX A ser

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Shimano Revamps SLX A Line of Fishing Rods – Tournament Performance

Shimano’s SLX rods already have a great reputation in the market for tournament-level fishing gear. Now they have revamped their line of SLX A series of rods, to provide tournament-level performance and durability at a price point that can fit into almost any angler’s budget. The new SLX rod series is available in a wide range of blanks with various lengths, powers, and actions. Great for bass anglers of all sorts, from the tournament trail to just having a nice afternoon with the family.

Shimano Revamps SLX A Rod Line

The expanded lineup of  SLX A casting and spinning rods are imbued with Shimano’s proprietary DIAFLASH technology. This makes for a lighter, stronger, and more responsive rod blank for the new SLX A rods. They also offer improved control when targeting trophy fish. The DIAFLASH tech fortifies the rod butt with diagonally wrapped carbon tape in an X pattern on the rod blank’s outermost layer. This reinforcement adds not only to the rod’s aesthetics but also adds rigidity to the lower part of the blank, reducing the ovalization of the rod and meeting the demands of contemporary bass presentations.


The SLX A rod is built with tournament- grade components and features along its whole length. The casting models use the K-style titanium oxide guides while the spinning models feature single-foot guides, both models have deep-drawn frames to protect the insert in the guide. Along with reducing frictions and improving line management. The rods have custom-tapered EVA split-grip handles for maximum comfort and transmission of vibrations during lure retrieval. The two swimbait-specific models feature full EVA foam rear grips and enlarged foregrips for the easier two-handed casting of large swimbaits while chasing trophy bass.

Shimano Revamps SLX A Rod Line

The redesigned SLX A series presents bass anglers with 7 specialized spinning and 16 casting rods – including four glass casting models and two exclusive swimbait rods – to make choosing the right rod for any given situation quick and easy. When fishing shallow and tight to cover, reach for the 7’ SLXC70MHA with Medium Heavy power and Fast action. Rated for lures up to ¾ oz, this sleek casting rod excels at presenting light crankbaits, allowing anglers to stay farther away from prime casting targets without sacrificing accuracy. The 7’5” Heavy power, Fast action casting rod (SLXC75HA) is the ideal choice for punching Texas-rigged plastics and tungsten weights through dense cover. Exceptional versatility is a hallmark of the 7’2” Medium Heavy power, Extra Fast action casting rod (SLXCX72MHA), allowing anglers to accurately present a variety of baits at both short and long ranges. This versatile casting rod is also available in a two-piece design (SLXCX72MHA2) for anglers on the go. Two dedicated swimbait rods in the SLX A lineup – the 7’3”, Medium Heavy power SLXC73MHSBA for 1 to 4- ounce lures and the 7’8”, Heavy power SLXC78HSBA for 2 to 8-ounce lures – provide bass anglers with exceptional new ways to present the largest baits and land trophy-caliber fish.

Find the perfect balance of power, sensitivity and price with the next generation of SLX rods, available now at authorized Shimano dealers with an MSRP of $99.99 to $109.99.

SLX A Features

  • DIAFLASH Technology
  • 24-ton Carbon Blank Construction
  • Titanium Oxide Guides
  • One- and two-piece designs
  • Custom Reel Seat

Shimano Revamps SLX A Rod Line

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