Remote controlled Spotlights?? : overlanding


Remote controlled Spotlights?? : overlanding

Just saw this on Woot:

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Just saw this on Woot:

Can’t find any reviews for it (so far, my Google Fu is failing me), but it seems like a good deal. I have three vehicles – AWD BMW X1, Dodge 4×4 flatbed (planned to convert to overlanding RV) and a Toyota 4×4 pickup (to tow behind the Dodge).

Currently I use the 4x4s on my property (16+ acres on a mountain, half forested – PNW) where something like this would be very useful (no aux lights on any of the vehicles – yet). And I could see where this would be useful for overlanding.

What do other Overlanders use for spotlights of this sort where you want to remotely control the direction of one or more spotlights? I could see where one up front and one towards the rear would be useful – maybe more.

On the off chance anyone have actual handson experience with this particular brand?

TIA for any feedback.

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