Only A Well-Armed Citizenry Can Effectively Resist Tyranny via Treason

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Only A Well-Armed Citizenry Can Effectively Resist Tyranny via Treason

Opinion iStock-Sergei-QNew York – -( Not without reason, the founding fathers of the United States were very much concerned with


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New York – -( Not without reason, the founding fathers of the United States were very much concerned with tyranny.

The founders realized the most effective weapon to check the natural inclination of those wielding power to acquire ever more power beyond the limits imposed on them by the Constitution would require an omnipresent armed citizenry. And as they perceived as a  self-evident truth that the right of the people to keep and bear arms preexists in man—they etched that Right in stone.

An explicit Bill of God-Given Rights incorporated into the Constitution would make clear to those who serve in Government that what the Divine Creator gave to man, no artificial Government construct can lawfully take from man. For any attempt to do so would be an assault not only on the dignity and autonomy of man but a mortal sin against the will of the Divine Creator. The usurpers of the sovereignty of the American people don’t care about any of that. Their sacrilege against the one true Deity knows no bounds.

They Will Go After Americans’ Firearms As They Must Because An Armed Citizenry Constitutes An Immediate And Dire Threat To The Execution of their Goal: The Imposition Of Tyranny.

The usurpers know that wresting firearms from Americans would be a far more difficult proposition than constraining the right of free speech and association, which they have been doing with relative ease, and abrogating the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, which they have already accomplished.

Actions of the Biden-Harris Administration and of the Pelosi-Schumer Congress are a conscious, unmitigated assault on the Constitution, on the Nation, and on its people. Together these actions constitute the imposition of tyranny on the American people.


Do These Deliberate Acts, Singly Or Collectively Rise To The Level Of Treason As The Word ‘Treason’ Is Defined In The U.S. Constitution And In Federal Statute?

Does the import of the Treason clause the founders wrote into the Constitution extend to the imposition of tyranny on the people? If so, then tyranny amounts to levying war against the people. This means that the levying of war against the people is no less an act of betrayal, i.e. no less an act of treachery against the people, and, therefore, no less treason committed by the Government upon its own people, than is an unlawful levying of war by the people against Government.

But this idea that those individuals serving in Government can, through their actions, commit treason against a people, is a novel concept.

For the treason laws of all other Nations do not admit of a Government action that can constitute a betrayal of the people. But, then, no other nation on Earth has adopted a Bill of Rights that at once establishes fundamental rights that exist intrinsically in the people; a Bill of Rights that serves as both a categorical declaration and an urgent reminder to those that serve in the Government that Government exists solely to serve the people. This means that the People are the Master, and Government is the Servant. It also means that the People are the sole Sovereign of and over the Nation and thence manifestly Sovereign over the Government and that Government is manifestly subservient to the people.

Taking these propositions as axiomatic, i.e., self-evident, true, this means that, as a matter of both law and logic, Government itself, through its actions that harm the people——harms that rise to the level of betrayal of a sacred trust binding Government to service to the people for all time——is unforgivable treason against the people. The people, for their part, have the lawful right and the lawful duty, under the Treason Clause of the U.S. Constitution, to bring those who betray them, to account for their crimes against them.

Absolute control over the free exercise of one’s fundamental rights and disdain for the nation’s Constitution and Laws is the sine qua non of tyranny. This notion of “treason as tyranny of Government directed against its own People” is a thesis that demands further attention and explication.

In upcoming articles, we continue to explore this idea of deliberate imposition of tyranny by High Officials of the Federal Government against the people as implicating the Treason Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

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