Ombraz’s Armless Sunnies Have New Styles


Ombraz’s Armless Sunnies Have New Styles

June 15, 2022 Ombraz’s Armless Sunnies Have New Styles

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Ombraz’s Armless Sunnies Have New Styles

We’ve written before about Ombraz, the company that makes sunglasses without arms—they’re held in place by nylon straps instead. The idea is the straps eliminate pressure points, making them more comfortable. That’s 100% true, but also, they’re pretty much perfect travel sunglasses since they’re effectively flat without the folded arms. Ombraz has kept things pretty simple style-wise, but they just released two new frames, the Teton and the Viale. I’ve been wearing the Tetons for awhile now and they’re great. Big frames, mini side visors to block peripheral light, and as usual, effortless comfort. They do tend to fog easier than traditional shades, but you can adjust wear on the face they sit, so you can play around to get the proper airflow between face and glasses to make it work.

Get ’em here.

– Justin Housman

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