NY Attorney General Subpoenas NRA’s Susan LaPierre


NY Attorney General Subpoenas NRA’s Susan LaPierre

iStock-DevonyuNew York ~ -(Ammoland.com)- NY’s AG has issued a subpoena for documents to Susan LaPierre that gives us a good inside idea of wh

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New York ~ -(Ammoland.com)- NY’s AG has issued a subpoena for documents to Susan LaPierre that gives us a good inside idea of what the aggressive NYAG is investigating at this point in the ongoing NRA disaster.

One area is the Women’s Leadership Forum, which Susan chairs, and which is a gathering place for wealthy female donors. The AG wants to know if they have real fundraising goals, what are their expenses vs. revenue brought in, and in short if this really raises money or is just an excuse to dispense luxuries. The AG also wants documents relating to the hiring of Susan’s niece by WLF.

The AG also seeks documents related to the McKenzies, who own the vendors that got millions from the NRA and, in turn, let the LaPierre’s use their $20,000 a day yacht. “This request includes without limitation celebrity events organized, sponsored, or hosted by the McKenzies at Paradise Island in the Bahamas.”

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They also seek documents relating to a number of hunting groups, including some very exclusive ones like the “International Order of St. Hubertus.” Plus, documents relating to a lot of music groups, “NRA Country, Lou Raiola, Morgan Mills Music, Monarch Publicity, PassCode Creative, WarpSpeed Experiences” and others, and some that may relate to NRA’s NASCAR sponsorships, “NRA Sports, Henry Aviation, Speedway Motor Sports, LLC, DI Marketing, Veritas Management, SMISC Holdings, Inc., and any other entity owned or operated, in whole or in part, by Braun Smith.” Possibly looking for kickbacks?

If McKenzie and firms were giving the LaPierres big yacht stays and paying for their rooms at a resort, perhaps other vendors who were making millions were expected to match his favors?

Plus documents relating to her wardrobe, spa, salon, and other costs paid by NRA, and to the $6 million mansion that was planned for Wayne and her, using NRA money.

Also, all documents “relating to the election of NRA Board members, the selection or consideration of nominees for the NRA Board, advertisements or campaigning for NRA Board elections, and the assignment of committees for NRA Board members” to include those relating to NRA Members’ Councils of California, which was used as a tool to elect chosen board candidates. This should be interesting!

A few surprises: they want all documents relating to “NRA’s sponsorship of the Washington Football Team (formerly known as the Washington Redskins) or the NRA’s Owners Club Suite at FedEx Field, including but not limited to All Documents relating to the purchase or use of the NRA’s Owners Club Suite.” Those are the most exclusive suites at that stadium, rental runs up to $18,000 per game.

If this is indeed true, we must wonder if a single director knew that NRA had such seats? We know the grassroots membership didn’t know.

Subpoena NY’s AG Issues a Subpoena for Documents to NRA’s Susan LaPierre

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