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New Elite: Jacob Powroznik | Bassmaster

After a brief interlude with MLF, Virginia bass pro Jacob Powroznik has “come back home” to the Bassmaster Elite Series. He requalified for the E

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After a brief interlude with MLF, Virginia bass pro Jacob Powroznik has “come back home” to the Bassmaster Elite Series. He requalified for the Elites by winning the 2021 Bassmaster Opens Angler of the Year title by more than 100 points.

Powroznik initially qualified for the Elite Series by finishing second in the 2013 Bassmaster Northern Opens point standings. He demonstrated his versatility by finishing 25th at the James River, third at Oneida Lake and ninth at Lake Erie’s western basin. As an Elite pro he qualified for the Bassmaster Classic in five consecutive years and finished among the top five in the Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings four times.

Powroznik’s father, David, was taking him pond fishing as far back as he can remember. His father enjoyed casting for a variety of fresh and saltwater fish and also competed in local bass tournaments. As soon as Powroznik was big enough to hold a fishing rod and not stumble overboard, his father began taking him bass fishing.

Powroznik proved to be a prodigy. He claimed he could “do everything” in regard to bass fishing techniques by age 9, including skipping under boat docks with baitcasting tackle. At about that time Wade Brook, a friend of his father, needed a partner to fish tournaments with.

“I filled in and haven’t looked back since,” Powroznik said. “Wade is a great friend. He taught me a lot. We still fish together.”

His father also had another good friend, Virginian Woo Daves, a standout in the early years of Bassmaster tournaments. Daves notched 17 trips to the Classic and was the Classic Champion in 2000. He continues to be one of bass fishing’s most beloved anglers.

“Woo took me under his wing,” Powroznik said. “He told me I had something special and probably ought to pursue tournament fishing.”

Powroznik fished local tournaments with Daves, whom he regarded as a mentor. Daves would later help him with sponsors and the business side of being a professional bass angler.

Daves taught Powroznik many fishing techniques and underscored the importance of being skilled with spinning and baitcasting tackle. However, Powroznik stated that the most important thing he learned from Daves is patience.

“Woo never got in a hurry,” Powroznik said. “But he always had five at the end of the day.”

Another critical lesson from Daves was positive thinking. Nothing undermines fishing success more than negative thinking, stressed Powroznik.

“Bass fishing to me is 80% mental,” Powroznik said. “If your mind is not right you’re not making the right decisions.”

Powroznik began working in his father’s business, RD’s Footing Service, as a youngster. The company pours concrete footings for houses.

“I’ve been running a backhoe since I was 8 years old,” Powroznik said. “I went to work for my dad straight out of high school.”

His graduation present was a Nitro 896 bass boat purchased secondhand from Daves. The boat started Powroznik on a path that lead straight to bass fishing’s top echelon. It began with local weekend tournaments, continued through BFL, the Everstarts, the FLW Tour, the Bassmaster Opens and eventually to the Elite Series. He enjoyed consistent success at every level.

At age 43 Powroznik is back in the Elites where he prefers to cast for a five-fish limit. Being an Elite angler also allows him to compete for bass fishing’s most prestigious titles.

“Winning the Bassmaster Angler of the Year would be a milestone,” Powroznik said. “The biggest tournament in the world is the Bassmaster Classic. I consider it the Super Bowl of Bass Fishing. It’s what every bass fisherman wants to win.”

Powroznik’s sponsors include Huk, Mercury, MotorGuide, Costa, Quantum, HI-SEAS, Falcon Boats, Lowrance, Livingston Lures, Mustad, Bass Mafia Tackle, V&M Baits and Power-Pole.

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