Knives of Alaska Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip Knife Review


Knives of Alaska Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip Knife Review

The Knives of Alaska Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip is the perfect hog killing knife.U.S.A. –-( A few years ago, I think that it was C

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The Knives of Alaska Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip is the perfect hog killing knife.

U.S.A. –-( A few years ago, I think that it was Crimson Trace that wanted me to line up a couple of hunts. I made a flurry of calls to guides. One guide in Texas said he’d take us but he didn’t want us shooting around his dogs or it’d scare them off, so he wanted us to just stab the hog while his dogs held it.

At the time I’d never heard of hunting hogs like that. Sure, I’d hunted with dogs before but the kids I was with would grab the hog by the back legs and drag them over and throw the hog in the dog kennel on back of the fourwheeler so we could take it back to the hog cage.

A few years later I heard of one or two people that would kill them with a knife tied on the end of a stick. Then another year or two later I’d hear rumors of people killing them with a knife. I didn’t know about that method. Why would an otherwise rational hunter with a closet full of guns go in to a snapping angry boar and try to slit his throat? You’d have to be crazy, wouldn’t you?

Then a year ago I was helping The High Road With Keith Warren crew do a project down in Texas on the ranch of Charles Allen, the owner of Knives of Alaska and Diamond Blade knives and got to know the High Road crew. Well, later I saw a YouTube of Keith’s daughter Matti Tackett hog hunting with a knife.

It made sense then. Well, I don’t know if it makes sense to kill a boar with a knife but how to do the process makes sense. When we stick cattle, we stick a knife in at the top of the brisket and barely flick the tip. They’ll bleed out in a hot second. Watching Matti, it looks like they do the same concept but instead of coming in from the front they stick it from the side between the ribs and plunge the knife into the heart. Stick it in, twist the tip to do a little more damage and then back away and let it bleed out.

Since I’ve never killed a hog with a knife I thought I’d get a quote from someone that actually has. So here’s a quote from Matti:
“I’d never killed a hog with a knife before and was super excited to give it a try. But I’d heard so many stories from people saying that the choice of knife is critical to make a quick clean kill AND do it safely. The KOA Magnum Boar knife worked extremely well as it penetrated the thick skin and did so like a hot knife through butter. I was able to dispatch hogs so quick that I was shocked how effective it is. I am now hooked on going after hogs like this. This is the ultimate rush for someone that loves seeing dogs work and enjoys the adrenaline rush like no other hunt I’ve ever been on”.

Here’s a link to one of Matti’s hunts:

I never have stuck a hog like this but I’ve stuck a boatload of cattle so I can visualize how it ought to be done and the type of knife to use. So with all of the above said, I had to get a Knives of Alaska Magnum Boar Suregrip knife.

It has all of the features I’d look for in a sticking knife. First and foremost, in an intense exciting adventure like this it’s imperative that your knife has the proper features for keeping a firm grip on it. Especially since you’ll be on uneven terrain and have a bloody handle. It has a good finger guard so your pointer finger won’t slide down on the blade. The top of the spine has some aggressive thumb grooves to further enhance your grip. Most knives have ¾” thumb grooves, the KOA Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip has 1 ¾” thumb grooves . The handle is a textured to further ensure a good grip.

The blade is stoutly built so its not going to bend if you get excited and accidently stab a rib or shoulder bone. It’s super sharp and has a definite point so you can plunge the blade to the hilt in a hot second. The blade is listed as being 6-inches long but mine is 6 3/8-inches long. The KOA Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip knife looks like the perfect kill knife to me.

The MSRP on the Magnum Boar Hunter Suregrip is $159.99 and as is usual, we will end with the specs.


Designed as a final dispatch/bleeding knife for wild boar and other big-game. Blade is straight spined with an ultra-sharp point for deep penetration. The blade finish is a ceramic peened hunters Non-glare. Comes with a vegetable tanned, oiled split-grained cowhide sheath.

  • KNIFE LENGTH 11.375”
  • WEIGHT 6.9 OZ.

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