International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022: Blaser Optics


International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022: Blaser Optics

Alexander Straube   10.26.22 One attraction at Blaser’s booth at the “Jagd- und Schützentagen” (International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022) wer

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Alexander Straube   10.26.22

International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022: Blaser Optics

One attraction at Blaser’s booth at the “Jagd- und Schützentagen” (International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022) were the new riflescopes from the Blaser Optics B2 series. These are three riflescopes that have been specially-designed for hunters. To start, we have the Blaser Optics B2 1-6×24 iC. It is particularly suited for driven hunts and still allows a field of view of 6.7m at 100 m.

In the middle is the Blaser Optics B2 2-12×50 iC which is as an all-round great scope. Finally, the Blaser Optics B2 2.5-15×56 iC is intended for hide hunting and particularly long shots. Since the three optics were developed as one product family, they have numerous similarities, apart from the magnification. All models are available with an inner rail or a 30mm center tube, which means they can be mounted on practically any type of weapon. All can be illuminated and are; therefore, equally suitable for day and night hunting.

The B2 2-12×50 iC and B2 2.5-15×56 iC can both be equipped with the Blaser QDC+ (Quick Distance Control+). This allows the shooting distance to be readjusted directly and quickly up to a distance of 500m. It is also possible to enter your own settings if you can’t do much with the defaults. This is supplemented by the QDC+ ballistics calculator. An online database can be used to calculate which setting best suits the ammunition used and what the trajectory would look like.

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A special innovation, however, are the covers for the optics. By using the B2 eyepiece flip cover, it is possible to connect it to the lighting and activate it automatically by opening the cover. Far more interesting is the option to use a night vision device with the optics. For this purpose, the frontal cover has been equipped with a dove tail cut. This can serve as a connection to the night vision device and in this way ensures that it is always in the same place. Twisting or slipping of the attachment is no longer possible. At the same time, you save yourself the need to remove the cover beforehand, which significantly shortens and simplifies the assembly process.

blaser optics

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