Hogue Streamlines Deka Folder for Gen 2


Hogue Streamlines Deka Folder for Gen 2

Hogue has tweaked their Deka folder just in time for

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Hogue has tweaked their Deka folder just in time for Christmas. The new Gen. 2 Deka arrives with some smart changes under and above the hood to refine the mid-size EDC design.

Like many of Hogue’s knives, the Deka was an Allen Elishewitz design. And if you’re familiar with Elishewitz’s custom or production work, you’ll recognize his tactical-inflected style here, from the aggressive but ergonomic handle profile to the multifaceted blade. The Deka became a go-to EDC favorite in the Hogue lineup, offering higher portability than bigger brothers like the X5, but more flexibility in its cutting chores than the tiny Microflip.

The Deka was well-received from the off, but there were two things fans asked Hogue to revise. One of them was the way the Deka was constructed. Maintenance is not only a necessary part of owning a knife, but for enthusiasts, it can be part of the joy. However, with six two-piece screws holding things together, the Deka’s handle looked a bit congested, and put up more of a fight than it needed during spa treatments. Generation two has one less screw, and adjusts where the remaining ones are on the handle itself. Less hardware makes the disassembly process easier, and also provides fewer points for failure in the long run.

An exploded view of the Deka Gen 2

Underneath the renovated scales is a smaller inset steel frame, housing the ambidextrous ABLE Lock. Less hardware and a reduced frame do make the Gen. 2 Deka lighter than its predecessor, albeit by just .09 ounces; but given that the original weighted 2.39 oz. to begin with, we don’t think anyone will be complaining. More notable is the addition of a deep carry clip, which will make the Deka 2 feel better in the pocket even if the weights between generations are almost at a parity.

The other macro and micro elements like the the G-10/G-Mascus scales and 3.25 CPM-20CV inch blade, available in a clip point or wharncliffe configuration, remain the same here as they were on Gen 1. The Gen. 2 Dekas are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Hogue Knives Generation 2 Deka

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