GiantMouse Brings out Biggest Fixed Blade Yet


GiantMouse Brings out Biggest Fixed Blade Yet

GiantMouse has released a fixed blade chaser for its rec

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GiantMouse has released a fixed blade chaser for its recent GM9 folder release. The GMF4 is another function-forward design from Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso, and the largest model in the GiantMouse catalogue to date.

GiantMouse is billing this big boy as the ultimate camp knife and, with a blade length of 5.65 inches it easily fills that important “all-arounder” camp knife classification. There’s a bit of tactical-style aggression to the drop point blade here, but this is a work-first design – a trait further reinforced by the presence of a positively spacious forward finger choil, allowing users to move their grip right up beneath the blade if need be. The broad blade is made from N690Co (like most GiantMouse knives, the GMF4 has an Italian OEM), which works as well in outdoors roles as it does in EDC ones thanks to its balanced, user-friendly characteristics.

The sheath is made from leather

The handle pairs nicely with the blade: it’s roomy and robust, with space for adjusting your grip up and down without even taking the aforementioned choil into account. Two different colors of canvas Micarta, red or black, are on offer for the scales, which are contoured and full-length, laid on top of the full tang and secured with a pair of oversized screws. A portion of the tang protrudes from the butt end to function like an impact tool, and there’s a lanyard attachment point right behind it. All in all, the GMF4 weighs 8.1 oz.; a leather sheath rounds out the handsome working knife package in style.

This is the first new GiantMouse fixed blade since last year, which saw the release of the GMF3, a very different knife in style, size, and intent. But it hasn’t been that long since a GiantMouse product drop, as they dropped the latest in their all limited edition GM line in August. That knife, the GM9, took the tanto blade shape and infused it with Voxnaes/Anso’s clean, work-driven aesthetic.

The GMF4 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse GMF4

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