First Look: Aventure Step-Through Ebike

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First Look: Aventure Step-Through Ebike

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Gone are the days when backcountry travel has to be accomplished on the power of your legs alone. The Aventure Step-Through Ebike from Aventon is bringing the accessibility and versatility of ebikes to the great outdoors.

The bike sports a 45-mile range on a single charge, thanks to ​​a rear hub motor that peaks at 1130W and 720Wh battery, so it’s more than capable of tackling extensive all-day adventures or providing reliable stress-free transport for multi-day camping trips. An ample 80mm front suspension lets you handle rocks, sticks, and other rugged terrain with ease, while burly 4-inch fat tires can tackle everything from pavement to trail, and integrated fenders keep you free of dust, mud, and other grime. The 28-mph top speed means it more than keeps up on small-town roads, coming in handy for quick jaunts to a local grocery to grab extra food, firewood, or other supplies.

This variant on their popular Aventure Ebike also features a “step-through” frame (a frame without a top-tube or bar across the upper linear portion of the bike). This provides more space for stowing bulky dry bags when bikepacking or running errands, plus in the case of a minor crash you’re less likely to get entangled or injure yourself on the frame. 

A variety of affordable Aventon accessories, such as front and rear racks for luggage, a high-powered headlight, and a compact trailer to tow your little ones (or tents, sleeping bags, food, packrafts, and other extra gear that won’t fit on the bike), add to the Aventure Step-Through’s versatility.

All told, the Aventure Step-Through is a standout choice to spice up your next camping trip, whether as a reliable method of transport around camp and town, an exertion-free intro to bikepacking, or a just a go-to partner to explore local trails.


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