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Comment Approval Statement ~ AmmoLand News

We read your comments and multiple people have asked why they keep getting caught in our strict comment filters? iStock-metamorworksUSA – -(Ammo

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We read your comments and multiple people have asked why they keep getting caught in our strict comment filters?

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USA – -( AmmoLand News has been forced to set our “comment spam filter” for lack of a better term, to a stupidly high setting. To fight the continued bombardment of link spam, fake accounts, and trolls that post hate speech, threats, and garbage to our pages. That high setting often catches our regular readers in the approval hell circle.

Believe me when I tell you we would rather just let comments post at will and not use up our small team’s time on approving things that have nothing to do with what the haters dump in our forum. But if we did that you know they would be screenshotting their own false flag hateful garbage and pointing fingers to blame you and us as examples of American fascists or nazis.

Simple things that trigger the holds are link URLs, images or graphics, words that in combination could potentially be part of racest or violent hate speech, threats, or threat words. Repeated posting in short time frames etc.

I apologize to our regulars on the site. If you have been caught in the holding tank before that event makes you more scrutinized by the tool and you may find that you are caught more often than others. As it is the pattern of spammers to post more than once, bomb the site and leave.

We try and approve posts many times a day with our team (just 4 guys) and we are on the site day and night, but on weekends we try and get in some family time and that can mean some delays.

Regulars may remember that in the recent past months we have tried setting the tool standards loser and we have gotten pounded by the work-from-home scams and porn links.

Other leading news websites have removed the comment sections entirely from their pages, we value the reader feedback, open forum and free speach. So we continue to maintain the comments section. Not an easy task but if we wanted easy we would be running websites about fluffy dogs or cute babies, not fighting to defend our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Thank you once more to everyone that supports our efforts at AmmoLand News, we very much appreciate all the comments and feedback, both good and bad. You can not hurt our feelings keep it coming.

And thank you for not giving up on the conversation.

Fredy Riehl
Editor in Chief
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

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