Campfire Cooking: Food Tastes Better in the Outdoors


Campfire Cooking: Food Tastes Better in the Outdoors

When you’re out camping, the last thing you want to deal with is a messy and complicated meal. Especially because you don’t want to be h

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When you’re out camping, the last thing you want to deal with is a messy and complicated meal. Especially because you don’t want to be hauling around a bunch of kitchenware. For quick, easy recipes perfect for cooking up in the wilderness, check out these 10 helpful step-by-step videos! Our stomach is already rumbling. 

No hassle. No clean up with this cooking in a bag technique. Tuck all the ingredients into the paper sack, set it in a warm pile of ashes, and let the heat do the rest. Once it’s done, take it out and burn the bag as a great fire starter.

This is a simple, easy-to-follow guide about preparing and cooking up trout for a meal. Our mouths are watering just watching this! 

A spaghetti meal is something you’d mostly imagine being cooked up in your grandma’s kitchen, but this crafty camper doesn’t let lack of amenities stop him. Check out this simple and delicious spaghetti recipe perfect for the backpacker. 

A piece of slate is the cooktop for a stuffed flat bread filled with bacon and cheese and a spicy sauce. Cooks in minutes for a hot and tasty snack. Add a cup of spruce tea for a true taste of the outdoors.

Learn how to cook an apple covered in mud, an egg in the shell, biscuits and oatmeal over a hot fire in the great outdoors. The video covers step-by-step instructions. Good information on dousing the fire, too! 

This meal looks like it could’ve been prepared in the kitchen of an award-winning restaurant. Watch as this chef prepares peppers, onions, mushrooms, and a steak cooked to absolute perfection—all over a campfire! 

All you need is a campfire, some potatoes, and tin foil. Of course, you can personalize this meal with onions, mushrooms, and other meats and veggies if you’re looking to go real big. You’ll be amazed at how delicious a campfire baked potato is. 

This is an awesome meal to keep you full, which is important when you’re camping out. Watch as this campfire chef cooks beans overnight in a hole in the ground. There’s nothing like some hearty home cooking surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. 

A hearty stew is an ideal campfire meal. Check out this yummy chicken ramen stew. It’s flavorful, filling, and most importantly, easy to prepare. 

Dessert can be so much more than graham crackers and chocolate, as well as simple and easy to prepare. One of the most delicious and easy-to-make campfire desserts is orange brownies. With few ingredients and huge flavor, kids will love this one. 

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