Armaspec Battle Grip Screw – A Better Mousetrap?


Armaspec Battle Grip Screw – A Better Mousetrap?

The Armaspec Battle Grip Screw. IMG Jim GrantU.S.A. -( I know what you’re thinking, “a dedicated review on a grip screw?!” And that

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Armaspec Grip Screw 01
The Armaspec Battle Grip Screw. IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A. -( I know what you’re thinking, “a dedicated review on a grip screw?!” And that’s totally fair. If you had told me about it before I had a chance to check out the new Armaspec Battle Grip Screw, I would have scoffed at the premise myself.

But it’s actually a very handy little item that after installing in one AR-15, I wanted this grip screw in everyone I own. So what makes it so special? Read on and find out.

Armaspec Battle Grip Screw

Grip screws for the AR-15 come in two varieties – hex screw and slotted screw. The former is the overwhelming majority of screws out there. And it works great – when you have the right Allen key.

And I don’t just mean diameter, but length is absolutely critical. Because I don’t know about you readers, but for me, I never seem to have the right one handy. So if I want to tighten the screw down or replace a grip, I’ve got to go scouring my toolbox and workshop to find the damn thing.

Armaspec Grip Screw 02
The Battle Grip Screw can be tightened with a simple coin. IMG Jim Grant

The Battle Grip Screw from Armaspec takes a much more user-friendly approach. It utilizes both a large single slot that any standard US coin fits, and is shaped like a barbell with flairs at the end.

So what?

So shooters can just use a coin or flat-head screwdriver to securely install their grip. And that’s it.

I won’t waste your time going on about how much I love it, or how it’s perfect or anything. But simply put, the Armaspec grip screw is just so damn convenient that it makes me wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner.

The downside? The Armaspec Battle Grip Screw is about three times the price of a standard grip screw at $10.99.

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